Monday, January 14, 2008

Altered Golden Books Anyone?

I love the Little Golden Books. I always have. As a little girl, I used to be able to get my mom to buy me one at the grocery store occasionally. They were one of the few little affordable luxuries back then. My kid have read & collected them too, and to this day if I find a great old one at an estate sale, I have to bring it home. Which may explain why I felt the need to share the very twisted, yet very funny list of the titles that never made it. (printed in the left column over there)

Anyhoo, One day I decided it would be fun to alter one, so I started sanding.. but I liked the main image, so I left it. And in this barely begun stage, it has rested on a shelf in my "studio" for about 2 years.

Does anyone out there share my interest in this? We could do a "round robin" kind of thing and mail them around and alter a page or 2 in each others' Little Golden Book. I'd love mine to be a vintage babies/children kind of theme- I envision several very different books and themes and what could end up being a really awesome project. They would mail in a bubble mailer I think, and could be mailed on every 1st day of the month or something.

Any thoughts? Anybody interested??


Ann said...


I've responded to your email. Let me know if you get it. It's about the header question. I'd love to do a LG book swap or round robin or whatever. I'm in the mood for something fun!

Becky said...

love those goldens. my fave was the pokey puppy and the night before christmas. i'm in if you do it.