Sunday, March 30, 2008

sunday finds

Adorable pair of little angels $1

Delightful bag of vintage buttons & sewing notions $3

Very old (and a little frightening) baby whose eyes open & close $1

Delicious vintage pins & earrings $2.50 for all

Kitschy pair of hand-embroidered reindeer handtowels $4

1950's black & white mosaic style plate (I didn't notice the "L" in the center until I got it home) $2

Beautiful worn & torn quilt just begging to be made into eyeglass holders $15

Quality time spent with my husband, laughing and making fun of each other's "found treasures"... priceless


Becky said...

Dang linda- you hit the jackpot! I would have to agree with you on the creepster dolly....but the reindeer towels- priceless.
can't wait for my book.
love, becky

jacquie said...

what are you going to do with the dolly, now that you gave it a home?

Sarah and Jack said...

I am totally in love with those reindeer!