Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bead for Life

I recently ordered these Bead for Life beads. They are beads handmade from recycled paper, made by women in Uganda. Making these beads have changed their lives. They were starving and are now feeding and supporting their families. Please visit their site and see these amazing women! I used the beads to make these charms for the May charm swap I am doing with the Red Lead Yahoo Group. I will be putting more Bead for Life jewelry in my Etsy Store and will donate any proceeds from the sale of those items back to the Bead for Life organization. The beads are so colorful and beautiful and the story behind them so inspiring!


Anonymous said...

Holy cow... these are fabulous!!

vicci said...

Linda...Thanks for visiting my blog.....I love these beads! I have a bracelet....and charm necklace that I love...these would look perfect on them!

Anonymous said...

Linda, love your blog, and all your art-it is exactly what I like. I have known about the bead for life for quite a while and had been tempted to purchase a few. I am going to purchase some from you on ETSY because I think it is such an important cause. We must help women everywhere and you are doing just that.
I also love all your goodies you bought at the flea market (or wherever). We definately have the same tastes and wish we could be friends-I could definately use one. I'll write later about all that. Do you have a private email address? Promise not to go on and on as I seem to have already done.
Love your blog-just in case you didn't hear me the first time. Talk to you soon.