Monday, August 11, 2008

Shades of Red and White Inspiration

This color combo is near and dear to was my high school colors, and the colors of all 3 of my children's schools! Plus, I'm a St Louis Cardinals baseball fan. Go check out the Shades of Inspiration flickr group for lots more red and white fun this week!


Patti said...

Great pictures Linda!! I agree with you for the colors...they were my high school colors, college colors, and the colors of the school I teach in! Hmmm I would say I'm a little partial to red and white too!

marie said...

I love your blog ~ everything about it makes me smile! Well, except one thing....I want to stay up all night reading it!

Guess I'll be back again!

Red & White = the Detroit Red Wings hockey team. (the favorite sports team of this household) Yea!