Friday, March 20, 2009

be still my heart...literally!

these are my boys. Boy #1 just arrived safely back to school from spring break trip to denver... Boy #2 just arrived safely back home from spring break trip to texas. spring break trips used to mean family vacations, now they mean gray hairs and worry worry worry. they are great young men, and I am so proud of them...and so thankful to God for their safe travels!


Ruth said...

I can relate Linda - daughter #2 just got back from trip to Tennessee. Daughter #1 just left Miami today for a 3-day cruise. I will be glad when she is back as well!

They don't understand all the "what if's" a mom can think up. Glad your boys are safe and sound.

susie said...

I recommend a big bottle of Clairol and a long rosary to get through these nail biters.

heidi said...

i hear ya, sistah! my boy's safe back in dallas -- hallelujah! if you need to wring your hands, you can count on me to pat them 'til the worry's passed.


Michel said...

What fine looking young men! Just wanted to say hi and tell you I just love the July 4th ladies, too!