Monday, August 03, 2009

adding to the stash

yarn sale this past weekend here woo-hoo! mg & i met up with my friend heidi and waited in line with the other knitters for the noon door-opening frenzy. 75% off everything in the "bargain barn", 30% off everything else. from the bargain barn i got this funky chunky- enough for a scarf at least. then of course at 30% off, i couldn't resist a skein of the harry potter sock yarn in the lovely shade of "dumbledore" (God rest his soul). they also had "harry", "ron", "harry & ron", "tonks" & "lupin". (what about hermoine & molly i wonder?) my stash is beginning to take over my closet...may need to eliminate one of those pesky clothing rods and add a few more shelves...but i digress. heidi bought a few skeins of amazing noro sock yarn- she is sock-knitter extraordinaire btw... ahhh,a good time was had by all!


susie said...

Cool! Can you knit me an invisibility cloak with the Harry Potter yarn?

Laume said...

Oh dear, I'm gonna have to go look for some of that Harry Potter yarn.