Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus

everyone who knows me knows i have a passion for babies. what you may not know, is that it all began with the baby Jesus. we had a nativity set under our aluminum christmas tree (complete with not one, but TWO colorwheels) when i was a little girl. i would lay under the tree and gaze at the baby Jesus. i was so in love with Him! he had a cotton ball for a pillow and shredded looseleaf paper for hay. you might say i loved him a little too much, as one year i broke his head right off of his body! it was glued back on of course, but you can still see the crease on his neck!

the years have long passed and that very same nativity set was lovingly passed on to my niece, Kathryn Rose. i told her to take very special care of that baby...for He is indeed, VERY special!

one of these days i will pay my niece a visit and take a picture to share with you! the set i have in my own home is the willow tree set in which baby Jesus is in His mother's arms- where of course all babies belong!


marie said...

Happy CHRISTmas Linda! Jesus is the reason for the season ~ happy birthday to Him!!

God bless you and yours.

Patti said...

Merry Christmas Linda- hope you and the family have a wonderful one!