Friday, December 11, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things!

i think our tree is especially beautiful this year! the boys were not here when we put it up and oh how i miss that! mary grace was here, thank goodness for my girl! isn't she growing up?? i zoomed in on a few of my favorite areas of the tree...some of my favorite vintage ornaments- some that have been in my family forever and some from dear art friends, one of my toy robots (which i adore!), the doily with my friend cathy's kindergarten pic she so lovingly pasted on a doily for me during our high school years... cathy has a whole area of the tree dedicated to the ornaments she has made for me- some are dated 1978!)...putting up the tree and hanging each dear ornament brings back SO many memories! some of them were made just for me by dear people who are no longer with us, the adorable pasted/colored/delightful messes that my kids made in preschool, the ones my husband gave me the year we were engaged... i could go on and on.
i also included a couple pictures from christmas mary grace in front of the tree after we finished decorating and my great nephew Henry on thanksgiving. is that the sweetest face you've ever seen? his grandma and i were singing songs to him right before this pic was taken, and every time we finished a song he'd say softly, "more". be still my heart... truly grace filled moments...


becky f. said...

linda- your tree is to die for! even the xmas scrooge thinks it is absolutely bee-you-tee-ful!
l, b

marie said...

Pretty tree ~ beautiful little boy! I can just picture you and his grandmother standing there "melting" with each softly spoken "more". Too sweet!