Monday, July 05, 2010

a fun crafternoon!

My buddies and I gathered at my dining room table several sunday afternoons ago for another "crafternoon". We made these delightful birdhouse necklaces. We decided ahead of time that we had to have the birdhouses, and then we went with mostly all white/silver charms. We collected all kinds of fun doo-dads, set the date and were ready to go!

I went with the "white" theme and served potato soup & rolls for a light lunch, and then "white" desserts. I pulled out my beloved white hobnail milk glass pieces for the table.

We proceeded to have a ball. We listened to oldies that I had on my ipod (many of them laughable!), and then made and added as many charms as we could over the next few hours. I took a picture of them when we were finished, although we ALL added MORE charms to them later! Because in this case of course, MORE is MORE!

Our families had some great comments about our creations. My husband for example, asked if I was going to wear it around the house for awhile to "get my back used to it". My sister, always eloquent, asked if I "robbed a junk store". My nephew, who was over the next day doing some electrical work for us just said, "Wow Aunt Linda...that's um, alot" Jealous, the lot of them!

I absolutely adore my necklace, and the whole experience of making it on that fine crafternoon!


becky f. said...

I wore mine out the other day when i walked to straub's and the checker (19 yo male) reached over the belt and grabbed my necklace and said, "What is that?" He was clearly amused, confused, etc...
Thanks Again for a wonderful krafternoon!
Hostess with the mostest.

l, b

marie said...

The necklaces are great ~ what a neat way to spend your afternoon. Crafting something so beautiful surrounded by good friends. Definitely sounds like a bunch of fun!

Paula Clare said...

COMPLETELY wonderful! I LOVE them! I just love jewelry loaded with doodads!