Wednesday, April 25, 2012


One of my knitting resolutions for this year was to make a scarf each month and then I'd have a MAJOR jump on Christmas gifts for next year, plus some for charity. Well, after the 3rd scarf I am TIRED of scarves!! I moved on to a pair of booties for a family friend... not to mention a sweater, a blanket and a tote bag that are now on the needles. The red scarf in the picture I made for a local charity- women at a local hospital who have a heart attack/surgery, etc are given a hand knitted or crochet red scarf in support of women's heart health. A nice idea! The bright pink scarf will be a gift. It was my first attempt at knitting cables, and it is called an Irish Hiking Scarf. What did I do before I started knitting? It is my favorite thing to do and I do it everywhere... in waiting rooms, in the car, and during my quiet TV time in the evening. I especially love to watch Cardinal baseball, so I get alot of knitting done during games.


South City Hues said...

Those pink little shoes sure are cute!!!

becky f. said...

Linda- look at you- still blogging! and the knitting looks great. can't wait to see you- not this thursday but next! xxx

Mary Lou said...

Could you post the pattern for the baby shoes and red scarf?