Tuesday, July 03, 2012

little witchy feet

I collect baby shoes...snatching them up anytime I see them at estate sales. And one of my dear friends finds them for me as well. My favorites are the black Mary Janes. Who can resist them? I saw one made into a baby witch's shoe on Pinterest and I couldn't resist making some! Here they are. They were so much fun! Special Note to a certain Sister of mine: If you are looking at these, AND you recognize one of the photos as being one of your own babies... AND you leave a comment... you MIGHT just be lucky enough to receive it as a gift.


Jane said...

Hi, Sis! Haha, just thought I'd give it a try! Those little witchy shoes are just darling! Do you need any more sisters?

South City Hues said...

At first I thought I was going to see your big witchy sister inside a shoe, but I would recognize those curls anywhere. These are fun ... especially those little potion bottles.

becky f. said...

linda, these are so ding dang adorable. what a busy bee you are. xxxx

mercedes scott said...

Darling idea! I want to make one....thank you for the inspiration :)

Patty in Oz said...

Hi Linda!

Baby shoes are adorable! What a delightful idea of yours.

I have a couple of pairs and then of course the sweet little pin cushion you created for the gift give-a-way that I was blessed to receive.

Thank you for your sweet inspiration. Life is full however I'm going to get back to blogging.

Enjoy your day!
Patty in Oz