Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 23rd

Wow, I've been planning to update and work on my blog and when I finally logged on today I realize that this is only my 2nd post this year. My blog has become "semi-annual" this past couple of years. Where has the time gone? I'm so out of the blog "loop" that I couldn't even remember my Blogger password. My my. So here it is June 23rd. Today would be my mom's 87th birthday. The picture on this post is my mom when she was young- it's one of my favorites. She's been gone for 15 years now, yet sometimes it still feels like yesterday. I still miss her everyday. Oh what I wouldn't give to hear her voice... oh well. I know many of you can relate. For those of you who still have your parents... give them a hug today. So much has happened since my last post in January. My niece Kathryn Rose got married and I got to help plan her wedding. It was perfection! Another niece, Christine had her first baby. My oldest son, Justin got engaged! No date is set yet, but we are so excited! My 2nd son, Andrew is in grad school; and my sweet baby, Mary Grace will be starting her senior year of high school in August. Most of my crafting has continued to be knitting, with a few other little projects here and there. Finally this past week I began digging my studio out of the hot mess that it has been in this past year. I'm beginning to make progress... So I will end my rambling update. I just wanted to say hello to my old blogging/swapping/art friends, and to let you know that I believe you will be seeing more of me... I am beginning a new artsy adventure, at the urging of my good buddies and my sister... the online SEWN class by Mary Ann Moss. (see the button and link in the left column.) I am so excited to start painting and sewing and creating again! I plan to blog along with the class and show what we're creating. I can't wait! It begins July 4th. You really should check it out- there may still be time to join. See you soon! (I promise!) Linda

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