Friday, January 16, 2015

my new craft digs!

One of the few upsides of my youngest (daughter) graduating from high school and moving into the lower level "college pad" vacated by her brothers, is that another main floor bedroom opened up! My husband helped me turn it into a wonderful sewing/craft room. I absolutely love it! A place for everything and everything in its place! (well, almost!) I made the patchwork valance and curtain from the fabric scraps I've been hoarding saving, collecting for years. I stole borrowed Mary Grace's childhood bookshelf unit, added another tall one, and purchased an Elfa desk and a small sewing table. I put an old second hand glider in one corner (that I am dying to recover in vintage chenille!) so my husband has a place to sit and read and visit with me. I found an old metal laundry cart at an estate sale that is perfect for my vintage linens and fabrics.

The best part of my new room is the closet. I made use of the built in shelving that was there by filling it with labeled plastic bins to hold all of my crap junk supplies.

I finally have a place to hang many of the wonderful gifts, swaps and handmade goodies that I love so much. And most of all, a bright, happy, inspiring space in which to create. Here are a few pics.


Debbie said...

What a wonderfully inspiring craft studio, Linda! You deserve it for sure. The weekend after I moved out of the house, my boyfriend & I went to Mom & Dad's for dinner...and Mom had already turned my "old" bedroom into her sewing room!

Moms deserve a place of their own.

Elizabeth Quigley said...

Beautiful Linda. Can I come and play for the day. :)
So many yummy things to play with.