Wednesday, August 20, 2008

buttons buttons buttons

I can't remember the last time I made something that didn't have a button on it somewhere! I made these canvases for August birthdays. The baby is my sister Susie, the other one is for my friend Cathy- this was a picture from a girl scout trip she took in the early 70's (and she's still friends with all of those girls!) I love the look of the metal handles & hardware on the canvas. (thanks Red Lead for the idea!)
Then, while I was digging through my button jars for just the right mix of buttons for the canvases, I decided to use some brown ones to make a set of inchies for a monthly inchie swap with the Hannah Gray Yahoo Group. Just lovin' the buttons!


marie said...

Love the look of these frames. The little handles are the perfect touch and who doesn't love a bunch of buttons!!

By the way - what exactly are "inchies"?

: )

Laume said...

Cute. And the little inches, in all the earthy browns, remind me of shells or maybe rocks. Very soothing. Glad you put up a new post!

Kathleen Grace said...

HI Linda! Beautiful canvases:>) I got your buttons from the button swap today, they are so pretty and I love the card! I posted about it on my blog. Thank you so much, they are just wonderful!

Kathleen said...

love your button stuff linda! see you soon.