Friday, August 29, 2008

Paying it forward...

A new blogging/swapping friend Randi nominated Grace Filled Moments and A Swap For All Seasons for this delightful blog award! Thank you very much! Once received, I can now nominate other blogs for the award. There are 3 blogs at this time that I would like to nominate:
1. Linda's blog, Lambsworld
2. Laura's blog, Maude and Mozart
3. Deana's blog, Just Dee'zart & Life
These are all swap/blog/art friends I have made through the Red Lead yahoo group that we all belong to. Very inspiring blogs to visit!


JUST ME said...

And you deserve it 100%.


Deana said...

AWWW, thank you Linda! I am ever so honored to receive this. I am really glad that people enjoy visiting my blog. I visit yours often!! Thank you!


Linda said...

Thank you Linda...this is such a treat! Thanks for coming over to my blog to visit. I love your blog too...your heart shines through each entry. I've really come to cherish my blogging friends...I just wish we could all get together in one place!