Wednesday, August 27, 2008

treasures found...and left behind

mary grace and i made our annual trip to Kansas this past weekend to take big brother back to college...oh how i dread driving away and leaving that beautiful boy of mine mary grace and i drowned our sorrows in a wonderful dinner in kansas city, a night at the hilton (for $49- thanks to william shatner & Priceline!) and then we shopped our way home... we've made this trip 3 times now and my favorite stop is an antique mall called "the brass armadillo"... i just brought home a couple of treasures this year...a couple of scary ladies to add to my collection of scary lady cabinet cards, a half dressed and dirty raggedy ann that i couldn't leave behind (she needed a mom), a few postcards, and a wonderful baby planter... but i'm really missing the real treasure i left behind in kansas...


Patti said...

Cool stuff!! I love the postcards. I'm dreading the college thing and it's 4 years away. I can only's hard!

JUST ME said...


I am sorry you had to leave your son behind. Hang in there girl.

Your daughter is geting so big. She is so cute. It must be nice to have a daughter to hang out with.

Thanks for visiting and yes let's stay in touch.


Amy P said...

Glad to see you like/collect scary women pictures lol! Just a little hint from your swap partner ;P

heidi said...

i'm really feelin' you, linda! we can commisserate with one another on wednesday night. sending a big hug your way!