Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sweet, Sinister and Witchy Arrivals!

Wowee! I think I won a Halloween lottery! 2 boxes of spooky treasures arrived recently...

First to arrive was the Sweet & Sinister mother lode from Laume. Where do I start? It was a party to open! My husband, Mary Grace and cockapoodle Molly were all in on the fun. Opening each individually wrapped item all covered with spiders and skeletin bones was such fun... I love each and every wonderful thing! My favorites are probably the nuns (I happen to collect them...odd, I know! Laume knew just what I LOVE!) I love all the special handmade goodies- the owl, the trick or treat bucket with the feet sticking up, the hand-knitted scarf, the owl mug, the white glittery pumpkin topiary, the candy jar...and the cat with the smirky grin! So many other wonderful things too... So much fun! Many thanks and hugs to you Laume!

Next was my Wicked Witch Switch parcel from Mandy. She made me the cutest little handmade witch! There's also an adorable sparkly witch's hat, a wicked sign, a crackly black box with a witch's tea party happening on the lid, and of course some delicious black licorice, which has already disappeared (leaving me with a purple tongue, a tummy ache and a satisfied smile!) What a fun swap and a great partner! Thanks, Mandy!

My house is looking pretty scary and ready to go for October 31st!


Sherry said...

That's so cool that you collect nuns! I love the figurines with the old habits on. It reminds me of being little and in Catholic school and the nuns that ran the hospital that my mom worked at. Nice memories!


Jenni B said...

Your blog is so much fun! I really liked your witchy items. So cute!

Jenni B

Laume said...

I can't believe I never left a comment here yet. I think I thought I did and then I never actually followed through. That seems to be my new hobby lately - assuming something is already done when in fact I've only thought about doing it. I'm so glad you liked your package. I had so much fun finding and making it all.