Friday, November 07, 2008

off in my own little pink world...

where have i been? well, other than working a bit on my Winter Whimsy Mitten Swap on my Swap For All Seasons blog, i've been lost in a little pink world. i do one annual craft fair-i've been doing the same one for many years. I do my "Joyful Jewels" beaded jewelry. I've been beading less the past couple of years and was having trouble getting excited about this year's show. until, that is, i came up with a guessed it...everything's pink. pink jewelry, pink ornaments, pink baby shoe pin cushions, pink fairy magnets...all for THE CURE. Yep, the breast cancer cause has hit way too close to home this year, so I decided to donate a hefty portion of my profits this year to the Susan Komen Foundation. i've been thinking so pink lately that even my estate sale finds have been pink antennae point me right in the pink direction...and my dining room table is a sea of pink glitter, pom poms, beads, ribbons,'s a few pink pics...the old lady's not pink, i know...she just made me smile so I put her in there too...see you soon!

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becky f. said...

i love your pink! can't wait to see your booth.