Sunday, October 03, 2010

is it really October already? seems like just yesterday that it was, um well... July! Wow does time ever fly by! Sooo much going on... here are the highlights.... I started a new job! It's actually my old job! After trying a different type of nursing for almost 3 years, I went back to my previous job as a staff nurse on a Maternity floor. It feels like I went back home where I belong. Back with the newborns that I love so much! So that was stressful, but in a good way.

I've also been busy with the latest swap on my swap blog. Another good thing. I absolutely love hosting swaps! Lots of work, but also in a good way!

Lastly, and I can feel my whole body tighten up as I type this, we have a nasty termite issue in our home. Lots of damage. Right now I have no kitchen, as damage repair and reconstruction has started on the back wall of my kitchen, including my cabinets, sink, etc. And that's just the beginning...yikes. Enough about that.

Thus endeth the excuses for not keeping up with this personal blog of mine. Still plenty of Grace Filled Moments happening, but just not a lot of time to share them!

I did make some time for a Halloween Postcard Swap with my favorite Swap Sisters over at Red Lead! Here they are! It was a fun diversion this weekend!

Another fun diversion from the house saga is my son Justin's 24th birthday today! He's actually back home, having graduated from college in May. I love having him home again! Happy Birthday, dear blonde-headed boy o'mine!

Wishing you all a happy October!

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