Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Santa Clause Blog-Along Giveaway

... is going on at A Swap For All Seasons (my swap blog) this week! The participants in the current swap will be posting pictures of Santa on their blog so we can all blog-along and see them!

My Santa Pic is one of my all-time favorite photos- it is my husband Ed (on the left), with his brother Troy (right), and dear little sister Debbie, who is clearly not very impressed with Santa! Precious!


Sunset97 said...

hey linda,

what a cool idea for your giveaway....right now i am busy putting the final touches on my matchboxes and my goal is to take them to the post office tomorrow to mail them off...i will try to see if santa will visit my blog after i get the matchboxes off to you tomorrow....:)

thanks again for hosting this swap and for being such a good and fun hostess!!


Sherry said...

What a lovely family photograph - poor little Debbie! Thanks for sharing it and for this amazing giveaway!

woodandfabric said...

Such a precious memory! Lovely photo!
Michelle *Ü*

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Awww so precious!!
What a great pic!!
This has been such a fun swap, so glad I found you in Blogland!!

Jan x

huntedtreasures said...

I always wondered why kids cry when they see Santa do you ever wonder why? Yes, I know they get scared but his the best person in the whole world. Well I stopped by and did not cry, and have been a good girl and so has my sister. Please visit our Santa.


Maria & Ruth

Linda said...

What a wonderful photo! Poor little Debbie...she's not very happy is she? But, don't you just love the little watch she's wearing?

marie said...

Love this photo Linda! My mom has a bunch of these "santa visit" photos. Thanks for reminding me about them...I need to get some form her.


Linda, Stopping be to say hello. Love your Santa picture, it is adorable. Thanks for making this such a fun swap... Linda

Heirlooms For You said...

Wow. That picture brings back memories. My youngest for many years our Santa picture had him crying and his older brother looking like, Don't hold this against me Santa! Carol

South City Hues said...

great picture. poor little debbie. i know just how she felt.