Saturday, July 10, 2010

pink saturday!

one day this summer, my sis and i set out on a play date. we ended up at our favorite local antique mall, where i found this adorable little elephant. i collect vintage baby planters and i couldn't resist her pink sweetness! plus, it was a steal, which sealed the deal!

then, we both have a small collection of white hobnail glass, so we each bought one of these tiny dishes to keep as a memento of our fun day.

happy pink saturday!


marie said...

That's such a cute little elephant. I showed my 2 yr old granddaughter the picture on your blog and she put her arm by her nose (pretending it was a trunk) and made an "elephant noise". Every time I clicked away from the photos she would say "moe peas" and i'd have to show her the picture again. Your elephant was a hit at my house today!

South City Hues said...

This is one of my favorite little dishes.

Shannon said...

Hi Linda! I love that sweet little elephant! So sweet! :) Thanks for sharing! Shannon

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Linda,what a cute little elephant, so vintage! And I love yoour milk glass..I have a few pieces myself.

Happy PS!


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